The lovr.headset module is where all the magical VR functionality is. With it, you can access connected VR hardware and get information about the available space the player has. Note that all units are reported in meters. Position (0, 0, 0) is the center of the play area.


Functions that return information about the head mounted display (HMD) currently strapped to the player's face.

lovr.headset.getVelocityGet the linear velocity of the headset.
lovr.headset.getMirrorTextureGet the Texture containing a view of what's in the headset.
lovr.headset.getDisplayDimensionsGet the dimensions of the headset display.
lovr.headset.getDisplayHeightGet the height of the headset display.
lovr.headset.getDisplayWidthGet the width of the headset display.
lovr.headset.getClipDistanceGet the near and far clipping planes of the headset.
lovr.headset.setClipDistanceSet the near and far clipping planes of the headset.
lovr.headset.getAngularVelocityGet the angular velocity of the headset.
lovr.headset.getPoseGet the pose of the headset.
lovr.headset.getPositionGet the position of the headset.
lovr.headset.isMountedGet whether or not the headset is mounted.
lovr.headset.renderToRender to the headset using a function.
lovr.headset.getOrientationGet the orientation of the headset.
lovr.headset.getOriginTypeGet the type of tracking origin of the headset.
lovr.headset.getDriverGet the VR API currently in use.
lovr.headset.getTypeGet the type of connected headset.

Play area

Retrieve information about the size and shape of the room the player is in, and provides information about the "chaperone", a visual indicator that appears whenever a player is about to run into a wall.

lovr.headset.getBoundsDepthGet the depth of the play area.
lovr.headset.getBoundsDimensionsGet the size of the play area.
lovr.headset.getBoundsGeometryGet a list of points that make up the play area boundary.
lovr.headset.getBoundsWidthGet the width of the play area.


Get a list of connected Controllers. Also see lovr.controlleradded and lovr.controllerremoved.

lovr.headset.getControllerCountGet the number of currently connected controller objects.
lovr.headset.getControllersGet a list of currently connected controller objects.