Sets the require path. The require path is a semicolon-separated list of patterns that LÖVR will use to search for files when they are required. Any question marks in the pattern will be replaced with the module that is being required. It is similar to Lua's package.path variable, but the main difference is that the patterns are relative to the save directory and the project directory.

For the C require path, double question marks will be replaced by the name of the module with the operating system's native extension for shared libraries. For example, if you do require('lib') and the C require path is ??, LÖVR will try to load lib.dll if you're on Windows or lib.so if you're on Linux.

lovr.filesystem.setRequirePath(path, cpath)


pathstringnilAn optional semicolon separated list of search patterns.
cpathstringnilAn optional semicolon separated list of search patterns for C libraries.




The default reqiure path is '?.lua;?/init.lua;lua_modules/?.lua;lua_modules/?/init.lua'. The default C require path is '??'.

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