You want to contribute to LÖVR? That's awesome!

Submitting Issues

Feel free to file an issue if you notice a bug. Make sure you search before filing an issue, as it may have already been asked.

Issues are okay for feature requests and questions about the development of LÖVR as well, but usually you'll get a better response by asking in Slack. Questions about how to use LÖVR should go in Slack.

Editing Documentation

If you notice any typos or inconsistencies in the docs, speak up! You can mention it in Slack, or if you're feeling brave you can submit a pull request in the lovr-docs repo.

Contributing Code

To contribute patches to the C code, you can fork LÖVR, commit to a branch, and submit a pull request. The target branch for the patch should be master for patch-level fixes, and dev for new functionality or API changes. Note that contributions to the repository will be released under the terms in the LICENSE. For larger changes, it is a good idea to engage in initial discussion via issues or Slack before submitting. Try to stick to the existing coding style:


An overview of the folder structure:

Branches other than master and dev may be force-pushed during development to keep commits clean.