Returns information about the graphics device and driver.

device = lovr.graphics.getDevice()




.idnumber The vendor-unique number for this GPU.
.vendornumber The identifier of the GPU vendor.
.namestring The name of the GPU.
.rendererstring The renderer in use, currently either "Vulkan" or "WebGPU".
.subgroupSizenumber The number of threads that run in a single GPU compute unit. This is usually 32 or 64, and is sometimes called the "wave" or "warp" size. This can be used to optimize compute shaders for the current hardware.
.discreteboolean Whether the GPU is a discrete graphics card.


The device and vendor ID numbers will usually be PCI IDs, which are standardized numbers consisting of 4 hex digits. Various online databases and system utilities can be used to look up these numbers. Here are some example vendor IDs for a few popular GPU manufacturers:

ID Vendor
0x1002 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
0x8086 Intel Corporation
0x10de NVIDIA Corporation

It is not currently possible to get the version of the driver, although this could be added.

Regarding multiple GPUs: If OpenXR is enabled, the OpenXR runtime has control over which GPU is used, which ensures best compatibility with the VR headset. Otherwise, the "first" GPU returned by the renderer will be used. There is currently no other way to pick a GPU to use.

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