These are the different ways Texture objects can be used. These are passed in to lovr.graphics.isFormatSupported to see which texture operations are supported by the GPU for a given format.

sampleThe Texture can be sampled (e.g. a `texture2D` or `sampler2D` variable in shaders).
filterThe Texture can be used with a `Sampler` using a `FilterMode` of `linear`.
renderThe Texture can be rendered to by using it as a target in a render `Pass`.
blendBlending can be enabled when rendering to this format in a render pass.
storageThe Texture can be sent to an image variable in shaders (e.g. `image2D`).
atomicAtomic operations can be used on storage textures with this format.
blitsrcSource textures in `Pass:blit` can use this format.
blitdstDestination textures in `Pass:blit` can use this format.

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