These are the different ways Texture objects can be used. These are passed in to lovr.graphics.isFormatSupported to see which texture operations are supported by the GPU for a given format.

sample The Texture can be sampled (e.g. a texture2D or sampler2D variable in shaders).
filter The Texture can be used with a Sampler using a FilterMode of linear.
render The Texture can be rendered to by using it as a target in a render Pass.
blend Blending can be enabled when rendering to this format in a render pass.
storage The Texture can be sent to an image variable in shaders (e.g. image2D).
atomic Atomic operations can be used on storage textures with this format.
blitsrc Source textures in Pass:blit can use this format.
blitdst Destination textures in Pass:blit can use this format.

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