Tally objects are able to measure events on the GPU. Tallies can measure three types of things:

Tally objects can be created with up to 4096 slots. Each slot can hold a single measurement value. Pass:tick is used to begin a measurement, storing the result in one of the slots. All commands recorded on the Pass will be measured until Pass:tock is called with the same tally and slot.

The measurement value stored in the slots can be copied to a Buffer using Pass:copy, or they can be read back to Lua using Pass:read.


lovr.graphics.newTallyCreate a new Tally.


Tally:getCountGet the number of slots in the Tally.
Tally:getTypeGet the type of the Tally.
Tally:getViewCountGet the number of render Pass views the Tally is configured for.

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