Sets the directivity settings for the Source.

The directivity is controlled by two parameters: the weight and the power.

The weight is a number between 0 and 1 controlling the general "shape" of the sound emitted. 0.0 results in a completely omnidirectional sound that can be heard from all directions. 1.0 results in a full dipole shape that can be heard only from the front and back. 0.5 results in a cardioid shape that can only be heard from one direction. Numbers in between will smoothly transition between these.

The power is a number that controls how "focused" or sharp the shape is. Lower power values can be heard from a wider set of angles. It is an exponent, so it can get arbitrarily large. Note that a power of zero will still result in an omnidirectional source, regardless of the weight.

Source:setDirectivity(weight, power)


weightnumber The dipole weight. 0.0 is omnidirectional, 1.0 is a dipole, 0.5 is cardioid.
powernumber The dipole power, controlling how focused the directivity shape is.



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