A Shape is a physics object that can be attached to colliders to define their shape.


lovr.physics.newBoxShapeCreate a new BoxShape.
lovr.physics.newCapsuleShapeCreate a new CapsuleShape.
lovr.physics.newCylinderShapeCreate a new CylinderShape.
lovr.physics.newSphereShapeCreate a new SphereShape.
World:newBoxColliderAdd a Collider with a BoxShape to the World.
World:newCapsuleColliderAdd a Collider with a CapsuleShape to the World.
World:newCylinderColliderAdd a Collider with a CylinderShape to the World.
World:newSphereColliderAdd a Collider with a SphereShape to the World.
World:newMeshColliderAdd a Collider with a MeshShape to the World.


Shape:destroyDestroy the Shape.
Shape:getAABBGet the Shape's axis aligned bounding box.
Shape:getColliderGet the Collider the Shape is attached to.
Shape:getMassCompute mass properties of the Shape.
Shape:getOrientationGet the Shape's orientation.
Shape:getPositionGet the Shape's position.
Shape:getTypeGet the type of the Shape.
Shape:getUserDataGet the Shape's user data.
Shape:isEnabledCheck if the Shape is enabled.
Shape:isSensorCheck if the Shape is a sensor.
Shape:setEnabledEnable or disable the Shape.
Shape:setOrientationSet the Shape's orientation.
Shape:setPositionSet the Shape's position.
Shape:setSensorSet the sensor status for the Shape.
Shape:setUserDataSet the Shape's user data.

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