A Rasterizer is an object that parses a TTF file, decoding and rendering glyphs from it.

Usually you can just use Font objects.


lovr.data.newRasterizerCreate a new Rasterizer.


Rasterizer:getAdvanceGet the advance of a glyph.
Rasterizer:getAscentGet the ascent of the font.
Rasterizer:getBearingGet the bearing of a glyph.
Rasterizer:getBoundingBoxGet the bounding box of a glyph, or the font.
Rasterizer:getCurvesGet the bezier curves defining a glyph.
Rasterizer:getDescentGet the descent of the font.
Rasterizer:getDimensionsGet the dimensions of a glyph, or the font.
Rasterizer:getFontSizeGet the size of the font.
Rasterizer:getGlyphCountGet the number of glyphs stored in the font file.
Rasterizer:getHeightGet the height of a glyph, or the font.
Rasterizer:getKerningGet the kerning between two glyphs.
Rasterizer:getLeadingGet the leading of the font.
Rasterizer:getWidthGet the width of a glyph, or the font.
Rasterizer:hasGlyphsGet whether the Rasterizer can rasterize a set of glyphs.
Rasterizer:newImageGet an Image of a rasterized glyph.

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