Materials are a set of properties and textures that define the properties of a surface, like what color it is, how bumpy or shiny it is, etc. Shader code can use the data from a material to compute lighting.

Materials are immutable, and can't be changed after they are created. Instead, a new Material should be created with the updated properties.

Pass:setMaterial changes the active material, causing it to affect rendering until the active material is changed again.

Using material objects is optional. Pass:setMaterial can take a Texture, and Pass:setColor can change the color of objects, so basic tinting and texturing of surfaces does not require a full material to be created. Also, a custom material system could be developed by sending textures and other data to shaders manually.

Model objects will create materials for all of the materials defined in the model file.

In shader code, non-texture material properties can be accessed as Material.<property>, and material textures can be accessed as <Type>Texture, e.g. RoughnessTexture.

Constructor a new Material.


Material:getPropertiesGet the properties of the Material.

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