The different ways to pack Buffer fields into memory.

The default is packed, which is suitable for vertex buffers and index buffers. It doesn't add any padding between elements, and so it doesn't waste any space. However, this layout won't necessarily work for uniform buffers and storage buffers.

The std140 layout corresponds to the std140 layout used for uniform buffers in GLSL. It adds the most padding between fields, and requires the stride to be a multiple of 16. Example:

layout(std140) uniform ObjectScales { float scales[64]; };

The std430 layout corresponds to the std430 layout used for storage buffers in GLSL. It adds some padding between certain types, and may round up the stride. Example:

layout(std430) buffer TileSizes { vec2 sizes[]; }
packed The packed layout, without any padding.
std140 The std140 layout.
std430 The std430 layout.

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