Frequently asked questions.

Can I use LÖVR without a VR headset?

Yes, LÖVR will automatically use a fake headset system that you can control with your keyboard/mouse if there isn't any VR hardware detected.

You can also set the t.modules.headset flag to false in lovr.conf to disable VR completely and develop a traditional 3D desktop application.

Are there macOS binaries available?

Yes, you can download them from https://lovr.org/download/mac.

Is there any way to access keyboard/mouse input?

Yes, there are lovr.keypressed, lovr.keyreleased, and lovr.textinput callbacks. For mouse input, see lovr-mouse on the Libraries page.

Does LÖVR work on Linux?

Sorta. Linux is an officially supported platform and generally works, but there aren't a lot of people using LÖVR/VR on Linux so problems come up from time to time. If you do run into something, please open an issue or post in Slack about it.