Returns the directional volume cone of the Source. The cone is specified by three values: innerAngle, outerAngle, and outerVolume. If the listener is inside the innerAngle, the Source won't have its volume reduced. Otherwise, the volume will start to decrease, reaching a minimum volume of outerVolume once the listener is outerAngle degrees from the direction of the Source.

innerAngle, outerAngle, outerVolume = Source:getCone()




innerAnglenumberThe inner cone angle, in radians.
outerAnglenumberThe outer cone angle, in radians.
outerVolumenumberThe outer cone angle, in radians.


The default innerAngle for a Source is 0.

The default outerAngle for a Source is 2 * math.pi.

The default outerVolume for a Source is 0.

Source:setOrientation can be used to change which way the cone points.

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