A SoundData stores raw audio samples that make up a sound file. You can use Source objects to play SoundData.

Constructors a new SoundData.
AudioStream:decodeDecode the next chunk of audio in the AudioStream.
Microphone:getDataGet a new SoundData with recorded audio.


SoundData:getBitDepthGet the bit depth of the SoundData.
SoundData:getBlobGet the bytes backing this SoundData as a Blob.
SoundData:getChannelCountGet the number of channels in the SoundData.
SoundData:getDurationGet the duration of the SoundData.
SoundData:getSampleGet a sample from the SoundData.
SoundData:setSampleModify a sample in the SoundData.
SoundData:getSampleCountGet the number of samples stored in the SoundData.
SoundData:getSampleRateGet the sample rate of the SoundData.

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