Renders to each eye of the headset using a function.

This function takes care of setting the appropriate graphics transformations to ensure that the scene is rendered as though it is being viewed through each eye of the player. It also takes care of setting the correct projection for the headset lenses.

If the headset module is enabled, this function is called automatically by lovr.run with lovr.draw as the callback.



callbackfunctionThe function used to render. Any functions called will render to the headset instead of to the window.




When using the pico headset driver, headset rendering is asynchronous and the callback passed to lovr.headset.renderTo will not be called immediately.

At the beginning of the callback, the display is cleared to the background color. The background color can be changed using lovr.graphics.setBackgroundColor.

If the callback is nil, an empty frame cleared to current graphics background color will be submitted to the headset.

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